Daily, city-by-city headlines from the uprising following the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. All information is gathered by a collective of activists.

June 24th

Covering the day and night of Tuesday, June 23rd.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On the 24th consecutive day of protest, a group of a little over a dozen marchers gathered in the afternoon, followed by a larger march of around 75 in the evening.

ATLANTA, GA - A funeral was held for Rayshard Brooks at historic Ebenezer Baptist Church on Tuesday, while protests continued downtown and at the Wendy's where he was killed. The police have arrested a friend of Brooks who they are alleging started the fire at Wendy's.

FORT WAYNE, IN - Jorge Oliva, a Fort Wayne BLM protester who was arrested, has been sent to an ICE detention facility in Clay County, Indiana. Oliva has two daughters and was himself brought to the US when he was 6. On Monday, Allen County Councilman Larry Brown resigned following immense public pressure. Brown was heard over a livestream last week saying that BLM protesters were ""uneducated"" and ""unfortunately, they breed." At the same meeting, county councilman Ken Fries can be seen and heard laughing following the remarks. Fries is currently refusing to step down despite demands from protesters.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - In neighboring St. Paul, the school board votes 5-1 to remove police from schools. Members and organizers with the Powderhorn Sanctuary (formerly Hotel Sanctuary) community put out a call to action to email and phone zap city council members before their afternoon session to demand that Hennepin County address the housing crisis for unhoused residents. Mutual aid continues throughout the Twin Cities.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - During an arrest on Sunday in Queens, a man was choked by three cops until he was unconscious and barely breathing The incident was caught on video and protesters held an emergency rally at a precinct in Far Rockaway. One of the officers involved, David Afandor, has been suspended without pay. Afandor has a documented history of Anti-Black violence on the job. On Monday, there was a pro-NYPD rally in Juniper Valley Queens. During a public hearing the same day, the NYPD Commissioner defended cops' excessive use of force in an infamous video depicting officers ramming police SUVs into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, stating is was compliant with NYPD policy. Protests continued, with a Haitian March for Black Life that occurred in Washington Square Park , the daily McCarren Park protest vigils and marches continuing and, On Tuesday, a Black-only mourning-space and vigil was held for activist Oluwatoyin Salau. In the evening, activists from VOCAL NYC and other groups set up an encampment at City Hall Park. Participants say they plan to stay until the June 30th budget vote, demanding, among other things, a defunding of the police.

EUGENE, OR - A local Black activist group held a rally in front of the South Eugene home of Mayor Lucy Vines. Chants of “no justice, no sleep” could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

PORTLAND, OR - A large group marched for the 27th consecutive night, this time to Reed College in SE Portland. Downtown, another group gathered at the jail known as the Justice Center. Early in the day, Multnomah county commissioners received thousands of calls and emails demanding substantial cuts to the sheriff's office. The budget passed with $1.7 million being cut, but commissioners say they know more is needed. $2 million were allocated for a Community Health Reinvestment Plan.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - On the 25th consecutive day of demonstrations, a couple dozen protesters and a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter were arrested after staging a sit-in inside the Municipal Services Building. The group demanded the resignation of Philadelphia's Managing Director Brian Abernathy and a $120 million reduction to the police budget. City Council will be making a final vote on the city's budget this Thursday. While the arrests were being made, hundreds marched in South Philly against racist white vigilantes and the complicity of police during the ongoing conflict around a statue of Christopher Columbus. Later in the evening, protesters returned to Marconi Plaza where the statue was still being guarded by a mob of men wielding bats and hammers. A brawl briefly broke out and at least two people were detained. Finally, The Pennsylvania State Police released dashcam footage from the June 1st march in which dozens of protesters were teargassed on interstate 676. The new video clearly shows the demonstration was peaceful, contradicting Philadelphia's mayor and police commissioner's previous claims that the police had been provoked.